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Tableau T8

Tableau’s new T8-R2 Forensic USB Bridge offers best-in-class performance for secure, hardware-based write blocking of USB mass storage devices. Using the Tableau IMager (TIM), transfer speeds up to 90% of the native USB device rates were measured. No other USB hardware write blocker can match the overall performance of the T8-R2.

The T8-R2 includes several new product enhancements. Switchable power is controlled thru a reliable, membrane ON/OFF switch. When switched ON, USB bus power has been increased (up to 1.5 amps) to drive a wider range of USB storage devices.

The T8-R2 works with USB thumb drives, external USB disk drives, more exotic devices like Apple iPod’s ® with USB interfaces, even USB-based cameras with card-reader capability.

T8-R2 supports both USB 2.0 and FireWire400 connections to a host computer, permitting flexible operation with the full range of forensic hosts and existing software tools. Detailed device information such as manufacturer, model, capacity, serial number may be viewed through the built-in LCD user interface.

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