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QDC Earpiece

QDC Wireless Invisible Earpiece is an micro wireless also named covert earpiece or earphone with an optimum anatomic design. Its a part of covert communication equipment and is used in conjunction with an inductive module, a microphone, a PTT button and a radio set for covert communication. The inductive receiver is inserted into the ear and the other parts are attached to or beneath users clothing to suit the specific use.

Our products apply to people who need to rely on this type of equipment to fulfill their tasks in areas such as covert operations, close and VIP protection. Many of these tasks bring with them a high personal risk. Through the development of highly advanced technology, not only additional health risks to the users are avoided, but also the ability of combat is enhanced.

Work Principle 
QDC Wireless Invisible Earpiece is reception equipment driven by electromagnetic induction and is used in conjunction with drive equipments, such as interphone, cellular phone, radio, and language training equipment etc.

Features and Highlights 
*small, light, easy to conceal
*comfortable for wear with an optimum anatomic design.
*Noise Squelch, automatic gain control
Art. NO 110-0401
Type of Receiver magnetic/analog
Size 5*10*15mm
Max. Audio Output @3KHz 105dB
Noise Filter Noise Squelch
Battery type/average life span h O2Zn, A10/50h
Weight, incl. Battery 1.1g

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